"Just a real quick shout out to Leslie to say how much I LOOOVE the Essential Elements Software!! Every month when I have to pay my team I am reminded of what a great investment THIS was!!! I save so much time and hassle... What once used to take hours now takes 30 minutes. Time saved ... priceless... " ~ Kelly Schaefer, Task Complete

"Excellent presentation today Leslie! Thank you!" ~ Jane Heacock

"The webinar today (Marketing to HOA & Realtors ) was powerful and to the point. Thank you Concierge Business Solutions for coordinating this." ~ Janice Nezvesky-Schertzer

"Coming from a corporate relocation background we at Concierge Associates have worked in multiple customer interface systems. Concierge Business Solutions has nailed the interface [Essential Elements] provided to any Concierge or property management company. The system is user friendly, integrative and by far the best we have seen in the industry. We are looking forward to continuing to work with them and any future system enhancements. Thank you Concierge Business Solutions for making our administrative job easy!" ~ Concierge Associates

"Thank you for your time and consulting assistance. I'm making modifications to implement and execute my plans to achieve my goals for this year. You Rock!!!" ~ Rachell Revill

"There was something I have been contemplating and a decision on my part was necessary. What that decision was isn't important, but what is important is that I was able to reach it with the guidance, wisdom and inspiration of Leslie Spoor. Many, many thanks to you Leslie for taking time out of your busy day to consult with me!!!" ~ Laurie Fratticcioli

"Leslie you are the best! You have a skill that anyone and everyone can benefit from. I love your teaching ability and the webinars are always so informative for all of us. THANKS so much!" ~ Tanya Hacker

"Leslie - Thank you, for the fabulous information on Marketing to Realtors and HOAs. This morning's webinar was packed full of useful insight. Thank you, also for accommodating all the busy schedules by offering your time on a Saturday. I look forward to establishing a long lasting business relationship with Concierge Business Solutions." ~ Nicole, Carver Concierge

"My vendor list will be better than your vendor list! My vendor list will bring in more revenue than your vendor list! How do I know? I attended Leslie Spoor's awesome webinar on Vendors. I'd been waiting with anticipation for this and, as usual, it was worth every cent! Not only was it filled with great information on building your vendor network, how to turn it into an additional income stream, vetting, etc., she threw in lots more info like what to say at a networking function to get a conversation going, and how some things for the vendors goes for the clients, as well. Hopefully, she'll make it available to those of you who didn't attend because it is information packed! Thanks again, Leslie!" ~ Penny Francis

"Thank you Leslie Spoor for the fantastic webinar today on developing vendor networks. Absolutely worth the time and "price of admission!" Looking forward to sharing how well your tips work for me!" ~ Michelle Lipinski

"I just finished listening to last week's webinar. Leslie Spoor did a fantastic job presenting "It's All in the Details". Great hints and tips for concierge business owners or those who are looking at starting one. Thank you Leslie!" ~ West Houston Errand Service

"Great webinar this morning! Thank you for all the helpful tips and reminders, some of which I shared with my hubby to use in his business. Another sentence I'm going to quote you on, besides "Honor your business model" is "Evaluate the math!" Thanks again!" ~ Distinct Lifestyles CA, Inc

"I just finished listening to an awesome webinar on writing an effective business proposal by Leslie Spoor. She provided a lot of detail that is going to be very helpful as I grow my business!! Thank you very much." ~ Jamie Bennett